Embracing Identity

Being your authentic self at work is talked about a lot these days. These episodes focus on the challenges, opportunities and benefits of bringing your whole identity to work.

We see Jen on a purple background wearing a white blazer and long dark hair.

How can women ensure they're being paid fairly?

Jen Ngozi is here to talk about unwritten rules required to succeed in the corporate world, the uncomfortable fact that women are still often underemployed and underpaid and how you can learn the biggest secret to success - advocating for yourself.

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We see a purple background with an image of Yahan who's wearing a beige top and blonde braids. Her name appears on the top left hand corner,

What’s the difference between diversity and inclusion?

Yahan Mensah is here to talk about representation, resilience, bringing your true self to work, and the importance of community and connection when it comes to belonging.

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Rajkumari Neogy headshot

Best of: Epigenetics and Neurobiology with Executive Coach Rajkumari Neogy

Rajkumari Neogy is here to help explain how neurobiology, culture and empathy intersect in today’s business world.

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Katie Schmidt headshot

What can game design teach us about our own reality?

Katie Schmidt is here to help us examine the important role language plays in game design and what it can teach us about our own realities.

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Victoria Liu headshot

How does culture and identity find a place in the modern workplace?

Victoria Liu is here to help us understand the power of intersectionality at work and what it takes to be a true ally.

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Zulaika Jumaralli headshot

Why do we need psychological safety to thrive in our career?

Zulaika Jumaralli is here to help explore resilience and perseverance and how she found a renewed commitment to helping others when the pandemic hit.

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Dr. Chela White-Ramsey headshot

Why do we get in our own way at work?

Dr. Chela White-Ramsey explores how employees can navigate burnout, imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs like perfectionism — and what pottery can teach you about your career and life.

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Gyasi Barber headshot

Why is asking the important questions so hard?

The importance of a “brave space” in times of change and disruption and why it’s important to have the courage to ask questions.

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