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Hannah has red hair and pale skin and smiles facing the camera with her left hand up as if her elbow is on a table in front of her. She appears against a fuschia pink background.

Why is AI not an authority on fairness?

Hannah Fry is here to tell us why we can't assume software is perfect.

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Panti appears in drag against a bright orange background. She has fabulous blonde hair, red lipstick and a blue floral dress

Why is having fun in a world that despises you a radical act?

Panti Bliss is here to tell you why having fun in a world that despises you is a radical act.

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Dr Noble has shoulder length curly hair. Safiya wears a salmon colored top and a brown patterned scarf. She appears on a terracotta background.

Why is artificial intelligence set to become a human rights issue?

Safiya Noble is here to examine the ways in which search algorithms can reinforce and amplify existing biases and stereotypes, particularly against marginalized groups such as women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ individuals.

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Julia wears a blue top and has curly shoulder length hair and freckles. She appears on a hot pink background with her name in white text in the left hand corner.

Why does climate change hit marginalized communities harder?

Julia Hatton is here to discuss the urgent need for sustainable energy solutions in marginalized communities.

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Vincent, a bald man with a dark beard, is pictured in a blue polo shirt against an eggplant background. His name appears in white text.

Best of: How can we challenge the stigma of incarceration?

Vincent Bragg is here to talk about his mission - to challenge the stigma of how society views people with a criminal history, as well as how people with a criminal history view themselves.

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We see Valeria against a dark beige background. She has long dark hair and wears round framed light pink glasses.

Best of: How does environmental sustainability impact the world of work?

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Hannah is wearing a grey top and appears against an orange background with her name typed in white text.

Why should you foster curiosity over certainty?

Hannah Lindsley is here to discuss her journey to data science, the Theseus’ paradox, and how we can ensure that data science is used to promote social justice and equity.

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We see Shuronda, wearing a royal blue top and her hair long, against a dark green background.

How does the media shape our view of the world?

Shuronda Robinson is here to talk about how the media, policy and narratives shape how we view ourselves and the people around us. We delve into who gets to tell their own stories and who has their stories told on their behalf and why that matters.

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Ms. Opal Lee headshot

Why does Juneteenth mark the start of freedom for everybody?

The remarkable trailblazer Ms. Opal Lee, The Grandmother of Juneteenth," is here to share her incredible story, what the pen President Biden used to sign the bill means to her, and what she hopes the next generation will take on next.

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Dr. Jan-Emmanuel De Neve headshot

Best of: How do we define happiness and why does it matter at work?

Dr. Jan-Emmanuel De Neve is here to help explore why Indeed’s ‘Happiness Score’ matters, how it was developed and what a world that puts worker well-being first might look like.

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