A podcast about creating better work. 

Here to Help is hosted by Indeed CEO Chris Hyams. Each week we explore how people’s experience, strength and hope inspire them to help others, and how that passion is challenging conventional wisdom and shaping the future of work.

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Blessing headshot
New 09/20/2022

How can we let people be productive on their own terms?

Blessing Adesiyan, Founder & CEO of @Mother Honestly, is here to help us explore how we can make sure that women are coming back to a workplace that works for them.

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Annie Murphy Paul headshot
New 09/13/2022

Can movement, physical spaces and environments help us to be more creative at work?

Annie Murphy Paul is here to help us dive into how ‘experts’ are people who have mastered the art of thinking outside the brain

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Emily Chang headshot

How did one woman expose the gender inequality within the tech industry?

Emily Chang is here to help expose the staggering gender inequality in the tech industry and how to foster real change.

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Adam Orman headshot

The dark history of US tipping culture and why we need to fight for a higher minimum wage.

Adam Orman, restaurant owner, is here to help explain why restaurant jobs should be good jobs - a living wage guarantee, paid sick leave, and affordable access to health care, counseling, and wellness benefits.

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Vincent Bragg headshot

How can we challenge the stigma of incarceration?

Vincent Bragg, CEO of ConCreates, is here to help challenge the stigma of how society views people with a criminal history.

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Dr Price headshot

Why are self worth and productivity not mutually exclusive?

Dr. Devon Price is here to help give advice on overcoming society’s pressure to do more by exploring the psychological underpinnings of the “laziness lie", which falsely tells us we are not working or learning hard enough.

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Anthony Moisant headshot

How can military experience translate into tech?

Anthony Moisant is here to help explore how his service in the military taught him skills that make him a great leader today, plus how being open about trauma inspires hope.

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Al Lundy headshot

What does inclusive recruiting look like?

Al Lundy is here to help explain how Indeed puts equity at the core of its recruiting strategy.

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Sherise Bright headshot

How can companies be true allies of the LGBTQ+ community?

Sherise Bright, SVP of Communications and Marketing at the Human Rights Campaign is here to help us better understand LGBTQ+ advocacy, education, law, impact litigation, public policy and entertainment.

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Rising Voices S2 Launch At Tribeca Film Festival

Emmy Award-winning writer, producer and actor Lena Waithe and CEO Hillman Grad Productions Rishi Rajani are here to help discuss how Season 2 of Indeed's Rising Voices truly demonstrates Indeed's belief that talent is universal, but opportunity is not and how the program supports the next generation of BIPOC filmmakers. (NOTE: AUDIO ONLY)

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