VernaLee's Favorites

We couldn't put Chris on the spot to pick his favorites, so we asked his Assistant Chief of Staff and producer on the show to name some of hers.


Best of: Celebrating the launch of Rising Voices Season 3

Emmy Award-winning writer, producer and actor Lena Waithe and CEO Hillman Grad Productions Rishi Rajani are here to help discuss how Indeed's Rising Voices demonstrates Indeed's belief that talent is universal, but opportunity is not and how the program supports the next generation of BIPOC filmmakers. (NOTE: AUDIO ONLY)

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Dr. Chela White-Ramsey headshot

Why do we get in our own way at work?

Dr. Chela White-Ramsey explores how employees can navigate burnout, imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs like perfectionism — and what pottery can teach you about your career and life.

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Lisa Feldman Barrett headshot

How do our brains create emotions?

Has there ever been a time where you looked at someone's face and thought you knew exactly what they were feeling? Well, you were probably wrong.

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Misty Gaither headshot

Understanding the impact that Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging has on a business

The importance of celebrating Women's History Month; finding purpose through a non-traditional career path -- and why no one should feel like "one of the only” people.

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Stacy Peters headshot

Celebrating Black History Month at Indeed

We discuss some of the exciting internal and external events that the Indeed Black Inclusion Group have lined up to celebrate Black History Month.

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