A podcast about creating better work. 

Here to Help is hosted by Indeed CEO Chris Hyams. Each week we explore how people’s experience, strength and hope inspire them to help others, and how that passion is challenging conventional wisdom and shaping the future of work.

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Johnson wears a black tshirt and appears on a purple background. He wears dark round framed glasses.
New 05/23/2023

How can we harness the power of story and narratives for good?

Johnson Cheng is here to discuss tradition, community, work and the power of story to create opportunity for people.

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Dr Noble has shoulder length curly hair. Safiya wears a salmon colored top and a brown patterned scarf. She appears on a terracotta background.
New 05/16/2023

Why is artificial intelligence set to become a human rights issue?

Safiya Noble is here to examine the ways in which search algorithms can reinforce and amplify existing biases and stereotypes, particularly against marginalized groups such as women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ individuals.

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Julia wears a blue top and has curly shoulder length hair and freckles. She appears on a hot pink background with her name in white text in the left hand corner.

Why does climate change hit marginalized communities harder?

Julia Hatton is here to discuss the urgent need for sustainable energy solutions in marginalized communities.

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Dr Miller is wearing a white button up shirt and black suit jacket. He's pictured smiling wearing glasses against a blue background. His name appears in white text.

Why is life after incarceration just another prison sentence?

Dr Reuben Jonathan is here to discuss the complexities of incarceration, re-entry and the labor market.

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Vincent, a bald man with a dark beard, is pictured in a blue polo shirt against an eggplant background. His name appears in white text.

Best of: How can we challenge the stigma of incarceration?

Vincent Bragg is here to talk about his mission - to challenge the stigma of how society views people with a criminal history, as well as how people with a criminal history view themselves.

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We see Valeria against a dark beige background. She has long dark hair and wears round framed light pink glasses.

Best of: How does environmental sustainability impact the world of work?

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We see Ryker against a dark green background. He's wearing a light coloured shirt with a pattern on it.

Best of: Why is empathy at work about more than pronouns?

As a transgender man, Ryker Knapp shares his personal experience of coming out — and why empathy at work is about more than pronouns.

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Hannah is wearing a grey top and appears against an orange background with her name typed in white text.

Why should you foster curiosity over certainty?

Hannah Lindsley is here to discuss her journey to data science, the Theseus’ paradox, and how we can ensure that data science is used to promote social justice and equity.

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We see Dr White Ramsey wearing a blue patterned top and headband against a purple background.

Best of: How can we navigate imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs at work?

Dr. White-Ramsey is here to delve into how employees can navigate burnout, imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs like perfectionism — and what pottery can teach you about your career and life.

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We see Jen on a purple background wearing a white blazer and long dark hair.

How can women ensure they're being paid fairly?

Jen Ngozi is here to talk about unwritten rules required to succeed in the corporate world, the uncomfortable fact that women are still often underemployed and underpaid and how you can learn the biggest secret to success - advocating for yourself.

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We see Shuronda, wearing a royal blue top and her hair long, against a dark green background.

How does the media shape our view of the world?

Shuronda Robinson is here to talk about how the media, policy and narratives shape how we view ourselves and the people around us. We delve into who gets to tell their own stories and who has their stories told on their behalf and why that matters.

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LaFawn has long, straight, dark brown hair and is wearing a black top.

How did the pandemic expose social inequities?

LaFawn Davis is here to help normalize difficult conversations about racism, privilege and fragility.

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We see a purple background with an image of Yahan who's wearing a beige top and blonde braids. Her name appears on the top left hand corner,

What’s the difference between diversity and inclusion?

Yahan Mensah is here to talk about representation, resilience, bringing your true self to work, and the importance of community and connection when it comes to belonging.

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Ms. Opal Lee headshot

Why does Juneteenth mark the start of freedom for everybody?

The remarkable trailblazer Ms. Opal Lee, The Grandmother of Juneteenth," is here to share her incredible story, what the pen President Biden used to sign the bill means to her, and what she hopes the next generation will take on next.

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Dr. Colette Pierce Burnette headshot

Best of: Why is education the equalizer?

Dr. Burnette is here to share her career journey and how a career in tech led her to academia. We also hear about the significance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day to Huston-Tillotson University.

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Lauren Engeman headshot

How do we keep the stories of the Holocaust alive?

Lauren Engelman is here to help discuss Jewishness, Activism and Belonging while sharing her family's incredible story to commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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Preston L. James II headshot

Best of: How can we create a more diverse and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem?

Preston L. James II, CEO of DivInc, is here to help discuss why entrepreneurship is the core of a good economy.

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Matt Stephenson headshot.

Why does tech build inferior products?

Matt Stephenson, CEO and Co-Founder of Code2College is here to help explore why representation matters, particularly in tech.

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Dr. Jan-Emmanuel De Neve headshot

Best of: How do we define happiness and why does it matter at work?

Dr. Jan-Emmanuel De Neve is here to help explore why Indeed’s ‘Happiness Score’ matters, how it was developed and what a world that puts worker well-being first might look like.

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Rachel Rosenberg headshot

Best of: How can behavioral science create more equity in hiring?

Chris and Rachel cover everything from behavioral economics and job search to challenging unconscious bias in recruitment.

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Emily Ramshaw headshot

Best of: How is one woman elevating minority voices to be equal participants in American democracy?

In this interview, Emily Ramshaw, CEO of The 19th, shares her views on the future of news, as well as equity and inclusion in journalism.

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Dr Santos headshot

Are we doing happiness wrong?

Dr. Laurie Santos, Yale professor, is here to help uncover the latest scientific research that will change the way you think about happiness and work.

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Taylor Rosser headshot

How can you balance your introversion at work?

Taylor Rosser is here to help share what she learned from listening to the stories and experiences of other black women at Indeed, plus put a lens on her life as an introvert.

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Sherise Bright headshot

Best of: How can companies be true allies of the LGBTQ+ community?

Sherise Bright, SVP of Communications and Marketing at the Human Rights Campaign is here to help us better understand LGBTQ+ advocacy, education, law, impact litigation, public policy and entertainment.

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