A podcast about creating better work. 

Here to Help is hosted by Indeed CEO Chris Hyams. Each week we explore how people’s experience, strength and hope inspire them to help others, and how that passion is challenging conventional wisdom and shaping the future of work.

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Elizabeth is a Black woman wearing a black shirt and has long curly dark hair. She smiles against a purple background with her name in white text in the left hand corner.
New 09/19/2023

What are the economic implications of racism?

Elizabeth Hinton is here to tell us how we can break the cycle of police violence and social unrest.

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Hannah has red hair and pale skin and smiles facing the camera with her left hand up as if her elbow is on a table in front of her. She appears against a fuschia pink background.
New 08/29/2023

Why is AI not an authority on fairness?

Hannah Fry is here to tell us why we can't assume software is perfect.

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Missy has sandy blonde hair and wears a black top. She's smiling and facing the camera and appears beside her name on an ink blue background.

If AI can replace some jobs, should we?

Missy Cummings is here to tell you why AI is not the job killer.

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Monica is wearing a light blue shirt and has strawberry blonde hair tied up in a loose bun and fringe. The background behind her is white and she wears light brown round framed glasses.

Why do we get happier the older we get?

Monica Heisey is here to talk about the power of humor, feminism, and the challenges of living in modern society.

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Dr Kendi wears a button up shirt and jacket and appears against a light blue background smiling.

Juneteenth Special: Why is the problem with racism saying "the problem is racism"?

Dr Ibram X. Kendi is here to tell you how to be an antiracist.

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Panti appears in drag against a bright orange background. She has fabulous blonde hair, red lipstick and a blue floral dress

Why is having fun in a world that despises you a radical act?

Panti Bliss is here to tell you why having fun in a world that despises you is a radical act.

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Johnson wears a black tshirt and appears on a purple background. He wears dark round framed glasses.

How can we harness the power of story and narratives for good?

Johnson Cheng is here to discuss tradition, community, work and the power of story to create opportunity for people.

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Dr Noble has shoulder length curly hair. Safiya wears a salmon colored top and a brown patterned scarf. She appears on a terracotta background.

Why is artificial intelligence set to become a human rights issue?

Safiya Noble is here to examine the ways in which search algorithms can reinforce and amplify existing biases and stereotypes, particularly against marginalized groups such as women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ individuals.

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Julia wears a blue top and has curly shoulder length hair and freckles. She appears on a hot pink background with her name in white text in the left hand corner.

Why does climate change hit marginalized communities harder?

Julia Hatton is here to discuss the urgent need for sustainable energy solutions in marginalized communities.

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