Work Needs Women

When more women are in the workforce, our economy grows and productivity goes up, When women are in leadership positions, profits increase and work happiness goes up. When women are in the workforce, EVERYTHING is made better. Simply put, work needs women. These episodes focus on the fight for gender equality in the workplace.

We see Jen on a purple background wearing a white blazer and long dark hair.

How can women ensure they're being paid fairly?

Jen Ngozi is here to talk about unwritten rules required to succeed in the corporate world, the uncomfortable fact that women are still often underemployed and underpaid and how you can learn the biggest secret to success - advocating for yourself.

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Emily Ramshaw headshot

Best of: How is one woman elevating minority voices to be equal participants in American democracy?

In this interview, Emily Ramshaw, CEO of The 19th, shares her views on the future of news, as well as equity and inclusion in journalism.

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Blessing headshot

How can we let people be productive on their own terms?

Blessing Adesiyan, Founder & CEO of @Mother Honestly, is here to help us explore how we can make sure that women are coming back to a workplace that works for them.

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Emily Chang headshot

How did one woman expose the gender inequality within the tech industry?

Emily Chang is here to help expose the staggering gender inequality in the tech industry and how to foster real change.

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Ruth Leonard headshot

What people get wrong about being a great salesperson?

What it’s like to be a woman in sales and how to encourage more women to seek out sales roles.

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Zulaika Jumaralli headshot

Why do we need psychological safety to thrive in our career?

Zulaika Jumaralli is here to help explore resilience and perseverance and how she found a renewed commitment to helping others when the pandemic hit.

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Dr. Chela White-Ramsey headshot

Why do we get in our own way at work?

Dr. Chela White-Ramsey explores how employees can navigate burnout, imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs like perfectionism — and what pottery can teach you about your career and life.

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Jessica Jensen headshot

Travels through tech leadership and accountability in marketing

Indeed’s Chief Marketing Officer shares her lessons from 20 years of working in technology in Silicon Valley — and what it’s like to lead high-performance teams at Yahoo!, Apple and Facebook.

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Mary Bui Pham headshot

How great leadership can help underrepresented groups succeed

Mary Bui-Pham speaks about her journey from academia and chemical engineering to Indeed, how she supports women in tech; her love for orchids, and what they teach you about leadership.

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