Building better solutions for jobseekers

Maggie Hulce headshot

Maggie Hulce, Senior VP and GM of Enterprise at Indeed speaks about what her team is doing to help organizations all over the world adapt to COVID-19 and build a better, fairer system for jobseekers.

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How the pandemic has exposed societal inequalities

LaFawn Davis headshot

Join LaFawn Davis, VP for Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging at Indeed, for a conversation about what living Indeed’s value of inclusion really means and how we can normalize difficult conversations about race, racism, privilege and fragility.

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Work from home means bring home to work

Brendan Sterne headshot

Join Brendan Sterne, Senior Product Director at Indeed, for a conversation on how his team is prioritizing the job seeker experience during COVID-19. Get a glimpse into how Indeed is navigating the escalation in remote jobs and pulling together the right data to make meaningful improvements to meet this demand.

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