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Sure, this list could be 367 episodes, but we picked a handful of episodes on issues Chris has been thinking about most recently.

Ms. Opal Lee headshot

Why does Juneteenth mark the start of freedom for everybody?

The remarkable trailblazer Ms. Opal Lee, The Grandmother of Juneteenth," is here to share her incredible story, what the pen President Biden used to sign the bill means to her, and what she hopes the next generation will take on next.

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Lauren Engeman headshot

How do we keep the stories of the Holocaust alive?

Lauren Engelman is here to help discuss Jewishness, Activism and Belonging while sharing her family's incredible story to commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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Preston L. James II headshot

Best of: How can we create a more diverse and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem?

Preston L. James II, CEO of DivInc, is here to help discuss why entrepreneurship is the core of a good economy.

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Dr. Jan-Emmanuel De Neve headshot

Best of: How do we define happiness and why does it matter at work?

Dr. Jan-Emmanuel De Neve is here to help explore why Indeed’s ‘Happiness Score’ matters, how it was developed and what a world that puts worker well-being first might look like.

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Parisa Fatehi-Weeks headshot

Best of: How can we challenge bias and barriers to employment?

Parisa Fatehi-Weeks is here to help how we can help more jobseekers who face bias and barriers find better work.

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Best of: Celebrating the launch of Rising Voices Season 3

Emmy Award-winning writer, producer and actor Lena Waithe and CEO Hillman Grad Productions Rishi Rajani are here to help discuss how Indeed's Rising Voices demonstrates Indeed's belief that talent is universal, but opportunity is not and how the program supports the next generation of BIPOC filmmakers. (NOTE: AUDIO ONLY)

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Haben Girma headshot

Why is accessibility all about patience?

Haben Girma, disability rights lawyer, author and speaker, is here to help us understand how disability is an opportunity for innovation.

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Emily Chang headshot

How did one woman expose the gender inequality within the tech industry?

Emily Chang is here to help expose the staggering gender inequality in the tech industry and how to foster real change.

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Svenja Gudell headshot

What’s happening in the labor market right now and why does it matter?

Svenja Gudell is here to help us decipher what is happening in the labour market and why it matters.

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Yaeji Myung headshot

What does the future workplace look like?

Yaeji Myung is here to help reflect on how the changes and pivots in this great work-from-home experiment has influenced Indeed's approach to workplace strategy.

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